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…is a chartered adventuring group, sponsored by Prince Brune of Baezwar.

The Black Flame was established to explore and acquire loot in disputed areas. Their charter allows them to retrieve treasures that are divided between their patron, the Crown at Baezwar, and the party.

The Company consists of the Principals, who are expected to undertake the most dangerous work. The current Principals of the Black Flame Company are:

Billog Longtooth – The Half-Orc warrior
Horus Highfoot – A Halfling Monk
Grin Brightberry – The Gnome Rogue
Razhah Tigerpaw – A Human Ranger
Lizzie Isgaud – The Tibbet Rogue
Theia Oakenheel – An Elven War-Cleric

The Auxiliaries consists of 4-6 chartered adventurers , a baggage train, and a combination of draft and riding animals.

Home Page

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